Mission: To form passionate, loving, and self-reflecting disciples of Jesus Christ, the only Son of God, through Sacraments, Scripture, and Tradition, and by accepting them as they are with love and mercy, withholding judgment, so that we may all be one and, together, become Christ to the world.

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Who Are We?

The Charismatic Universalist Church is a bible-centered, Christian, and Apostolic Church with an emphasis on the Trinity and the workings of the Holy Spirit. Our church is rooted in the very ancient traditions of the church, yet we retain the socially liberal and inclusive Jesus that has been lost to political power and a corrupt ecclesiology. The easiest way to explain our beliefs is to say we are liberal Catholics.

We are part of the Catholic and Anglican Communions. If you listen to a worship service, you will find that it is grounded in scripture and the traditional prayers of the church (some dating back to before the New Testament was completed), and a modern need for the Practice of the Presence of God. We do this by adding a guided prayer and meditation to every mass.

Bishop Kristina Rake


You came to church to be one with God. Why would we deny you that opportunity rather than facilitate it for you?

As a people, we are very joyful. While we are taught morality, character, and responsibility, the Charismatic Universalist Church understands that perfection is a star to steer your ship by. However, if you focus so much on the star that you stop paying attention to the boat, you’ll run aground.

We strive to be moral and upright; to serve God and to be nonjudgmental and merciful to others. However, we are human and we tend to fall short. That’s what “sin” means: it is an archery term that means “to miss the mark.” Again, the center was the intended target, but we often miss it. When we do, we confess, make amends, and pick ourselves up again.

That’s why we say we “practice” our faith. We can never “do” or “be” Christians in the fullest sense. We “practice Christianity.”


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